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Talnet is a project aiming to systematically identify and work with gifted youth (13–19 years). Specifically, it applies online educational activities combined with face to face activities. It has been organised by the Faculty of Maths and Physics (MFF) of Charles University in Prague (UK) and National Institute for Youth (NIDM) since 2003, later in cooperation with other faculties, e.g. Natural Sciences (PrF UK), universities and science and research institutes in the Czech Republic and abroad, e.g. DLR, Germany. Topics of the educational activities come from natural sciences (such as physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography etc.) and mathematics.

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Talnet offers the whole structure of educational and exploring activities to children who are recommended by their teachers or psychologists. Activities differ in topic, forms (face to face, blended, online) teaching approach, work load, complexity and applicability. We prefer active participation of children and youth in rich learning environment according to the results of psycho-diagnostics tests.

Since the beginning of the project we have confirmed that many gifted children need more and more challenging, e.g. demanding and complex, activities. The level of challenge may be perceived in many different aspects such as subject, problem solving, creativity, production and social aspects etc. The main purpose of international activities is offering gifted youth further opportunities for development of their competencies and extending the offer of authentic educational and social activities.

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International projects realized within Talnet:

For more information contact us at svetla.zelendovatalnet.cz

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