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Talnet International is an international youth activity for participants from Czechia, Germany, Spain and Slovakia.

Imagine Europe in 3008! Nearly all the power is in robots' hands. Society is based on weird rules and deviant values – there is no democracy. Intolerance and hate is everywhere. The environment is polluted and completely different from the contemporary one. A group of scientists has a unique opportunity to use the time machine and travel back to 2008 and take advantage of this experience…

The project lasts from February to June 2008 but there are tree different parts according to the activity of participants.

  • The online activities (25th February – 14 April 2008 – time exigency about 2 hours per week)
  • The face to face meeting in Horská Kvilda and Munich (15. 4. – 21. 4. 2008)
  • The online final activities (the end of April till the end of June 2008 – time exigency about 2 hours per week)

During the online part a youth can join a ‚mini‘ robotics course or participate in online activities concerning the life in Common Europe.
One of the main points of face to face meeting is the visit in DLR (German aerospace center) with its School Labs in Oberpfaffenhoffen near Munich.

Please don't forget the basic rule: ONLY ENGLISH!!

Discussion space for Talnet International crew.


And what about the next year?

Are you interested in Talnet International 2009 project?
Discuss it in TintSpace or contact Světla by email.
Best regards,
Světla and Talnet team

  • Tuesday 3rd June 2008 – Yes, my dears, this is the end of Talnet International. But TintSpace is still open as an international meeting point. You're invited. Thank you all for your participation, thanks the national coordinators for their support.
  • Friday 23rd May – The report from Kvilda; Thanks to Monika, check it here.
  • Wednesday 21st May – Last three tasks opened in the Robotic Course – the project is going to finish! The Robotic Course – there are three new creative tasks presented for you with the deadline of mid June.
  • Tuesday 13th May – We are sorry for server downtime last weekend. The TintSpace and also this website were down. There were some problems with server. We hope it keeps working.
  • Tuesday 15th April – Monday 21st April – The F2F Meeting took place in Horská Kvilda in the Czech Republic. The online activities culminated on the F2F meeting. We spent a week full of cognition of different European cultures, habits, languages and meals… but also fresh air and international team cooperation. We worked on ASUROs and had an opportunity to spend an impressive day at DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Watch the joint picture from the DLR
F2F meeting – photos and movies – Pictures and videos from many participants watch it in TintSpace
Robotic course – New task for ASURO was assigned! And you can join the other discussions of course :-) in TintSpace!!

  • Wednesday 26th March – New packet of online activities just opened! Music is my life – try to prepare a web page full of music; Dictionary – we would like to set up a multi language dictionary with your help; Proverbs and Idioms – do you know the proverbs „Out of the frying pan into the fire" in English, „Vom Regen in die Traufe" in German, „Z bláta do louže" in Czech… and what about Spanish and Slovak?
  • Friday 14th March – Face to Face Meeting registration started! Watch it at discussion _~ FACE TO FACE MEETING – Main discussion ~_ at TintSpace.


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