Revital 09


This project has been funded with support from
the European Commission.

Praha & EU: Investujeme do vaší budoucnosti. Projekt je podpořen Evropským sociálním fondem.

Welcome to Talnet International - Revital 09!
Welcome to the international activity for youth from Czechia, Germany, Spain and Slovakia. Feel free to find out more information about the project, about partners or read some news about our activity.


Face to face meeting behind us...

From 26th May to 1st June we were on the face to face meeting. The meeting enabled us to learn more about environment and its problems. We visited surface mines and revitalized areas at Mostecko (CZ), hydro-power plant or High Tatras damaged by a windstorm (SK). It was also an opportunity for cultural enrichment and learning to be tolerant to different cultures and temperaments. For now you can watch some pictures here but you can start looking forward to a report.

Outlined programe and the list of participants in TintSpace

As the face to face meeting approaches we have new information for you. In TintSpace, you will find the outlined programme and you can also see who else (apart from you) goes to the f2f.

Time of big preparations

There are less than 2 weeks left to the Face to face Meeting and you can be sure that the wheel of preparation activities is rolling very fast in the office of Talnet (we are working as screws :-))

And what about you?
You can discuss it in TintSpace where you find actual information as well.

Have a good time and see you in Prague on Tuesday!

Enrollment for the F2F has started!

Dear Revitalers, enrollment for the face to face meeting has just started!
The deadline for your enrolling is 17th May.
You will find all the important information and link to the web application form in the discussion about the face to face meeting in TintSpace.

New week, new lessons!

Revital 09 has begun a new week and it means there are new lessons in TintSpace - you can learn more about energy - this time about hydrogen fuel cells or you can project your own ecological house. There is also a brand new topic: Ozone - a vital part of our climate system.

See you in TintSpace!

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